Tuesday, June 5, 2007

A Long Wait Finally Over?

Today i received a mail from agloco informing me that the long awaited viewbar has finally been released and that it can be downloaded by logging into their site. I checked their company blog and was able to confirm what was already in the mail.

But everything wasn't all hunky-dory. I tried logging in and it seems the server is overloaded... not surprising when you consider the overwhelming number of users they already have (yeah, the number is humongous to say the least!).

But, this positive news from the company will give it the much needed thrust and will ensure a strong subscriber base. Users were beginning to get vary about the delays in launching the software. By the way, if you've been locked away in a dungeon or lost in a deserted island for the past year, and haven't been able to sign up go ahead and do so straight away by clicking here.

But some creases still remain to be ironed out according to their company blog. They haven't been very successful in integrating all of the required ad servers with the view bar and that was causing all the delays. They have developed a work around (temporarily disabling the ad-servers that aren't working properly) and are confident that releasing the view-bar now won't jeopardize their economic model. Hope they're right. But it is good to see a positive step from the guys. It WAS a loooong wait.

As of now I have been unsuccessfully trying to log into their site to download my very own view bar. As soon as I get mine, i will be reviewing it on this blog...