Thursday, December 7, 2006

The Blog Resources Directory

Link and Traffic
Exchange Resources

  • Blogmad - Fast Growing, stylish traffic exchange site with an incredible credit pay-off ratio of 1 : 1
  • BlogExplosion - Veteran traffic exchange site with a 1 : 2 ratio. Plus large number of members
  • BlogSoldiers - 1 : 2 ratio traffic exchange with huge credit giveaways
The Blog Community
  • Technorati - The must-be-in blog community. Go and get registered now.
  • TTLB - Widely regarded as a definitive blog ranking system. Fun and appealingly fresh. Get in now!
Pinging Tools
  • Ping-O-Matic - Ping upto 20 services with the click of a button
  • Pingoat - Ping upto 40 services from one site
Feed Tools
Future Watches
  • Exlinks - Self proclaimed ultimate exponential site exploding system. Yet to be launched
  • Agloco - A Global Community. Yet to be launched. Promises high pay-backs
Blog Directories
  • Directory 2.0 - A must-be-seen-at blog directory. Register now
  • Today - A well-sorted directory
  • DMOZ - The ultimate directory to get listed on. VERY tough to get into. Good luck
Blog Tracking and Statistics
  • CrazyEgg - Find out what visitors are doing on your site. Must see
  • SiteMeter - Track the unique visitors coming to your site. Plus their location, referrer, etc.
  • Statcounter - Track the number of pageloads in your site. Plus a host of other info
Blog Search Engines
  • ClickBooth - High pay-out ads. Tough to figure it out though
  • Adsense - Easy to install and one of the most popular advertising agents
  • Text Link Ads - Place text links and earn money. Tough to get into though
SEO/Blog Development
  • Link Popularity Check - Check the number of inbound links you have. Invaluable tool
  • Site Score - Evaluate your site and check for problems. Amazing reports section
  • Google Analytics - Learn how visitors find you and how they interact with your site. Detailed Analysis
  • Webmasters Central - "One-stop shop for comprehensive info about how Google crawls and indexes your website"
  • Paypal - Invaluable tool for bloggers. Lets you transfer money within the internet and you can request a payout when needed. A sort of online bank!

This Directory and work on this directory isn't complete. Not by a long shot. I have just thrown together a few sites that I personally know of. When more and more people view this page and think that some site is missing, all they have to do is add a comment showing the URL of that site and I'll get into it immediately. Thanks and happy blogging....



Jane Lake said...

You may want to consider Take The Internet Back, similar to Agloco but no viewbar necessary.

Infekted said...

Thanks for the comment. Checked it out. Seemed like a nice idea. I have included it in the directory.