Sunday, December 3, 2006

AGLOCO - The Economic Network

AGLOCO is a spanking new site that looks promising enough. It is a radical new idea. Hope it works out. I got referred to it by a friend.

The idea behind AGLOCO is simple. Millions of companies out there are willing to pay billions of dollars for advertising. Their target? Us! And what do we get? Nothing (Almost :->). What AGLOCO does is give some of the cash to the consumers. According to them...

AGLOCO is the only community where Members are first in every aspect. We hope to create a vibrant, trustworthy, and creative community.
The basic idea is based on the share market. You get shares on the site. The more revenue it AGLOCO - A GLObal COmmunitygenerates, the more money its shareholders get. From what I understand, this site is just starting up. If it strikes gold, so will its account holders! A risk worth taking!. Go here to sign-up now.

AGLOCO means A GLObal COmmunity.


Paul said...

Hey guys!

So I’ve created a website that will show daily statistics from the ground up for referring people for AGLOCO. Today is the first day of operation so I’d love some new members to start joining and seeing my project come to life. I’m going to add charts and daily blogs so people can follow along and even mimick my site. The site is:


Agloco said...

Agloco is a great concept...I hope it pans out.

Agloco said...

apprently the viewbar is coming out in a few

Agloco Directory said...

There is a directory where you can register your website. It shows exclusively sites about AGLOCO:

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