Sunday, December 3, 2006

ClickBooth For The Rest Of Us

For the newbie, ClickBooth can be a tough beast to tame. So here, I take a little time-out to explain some of the nuances of setting up ClickBooth ads on your blog. Yup, the little colorful ad bar on the top of this site is a ClickBooth ad. They are the best paying ad-providers in the industry with payouts ranging from about $0.10 to more than $50 per ad depending on the type of ad selected.

First, a little about ClickBooth. ClickBooth is an advertising solutions provider. It works both ways. It caters to both publishers as well as advertisers. I am not an advertiser, so I will be covering only the publishing aspects. Any advertisers can go to the ClickBooth site and there are enough resources there to help you out.

First of all, you need to create an account and get your site registered. If you are a blogger - starting-up or otherwise, you would already know the details of how to go about registering your blog at a site. If not, here goes... You create an account and you activate it via your e-mail account. After that, you have to wait for the site administrator to review your submission and then, once approved, you can start publishing ads on your blog.

For publishing ads on your blog, you have to start a campaign. The one I am using above is an optimized rotator. This displays a random ad each time the page is loaded. And then the performances are tracked. Slowly, the number of times low-performance ads are shown is reduced. Thus, you get an ad-space that is filled using ads that are specific to the kind of traffic that you receive on your blog. ClickBooth uses the term creative instead of both text and image ads.

Moreover, there are three types of ad campaigns that are provided. These are Cost-per-click, Cost-per-Lead and Cost-per-Sale. These names are sort of self-explanatory. The first one pays you when the ad is clicked, the second one when a person signs-up at the advertiser's site and the third when a person purchases something (when a sale is completed) from the advertiser's site.

Another way to add an ad is to sift through the hundreds of ad campaigns and select the ad you think fits your site the best. They will provide you with the code for that specific ad (creative) and all you have to do is embed this code on your site.

After this is done, you can track the performances of the campaigns you have added by clicking the run reports link. Then bask in the glory of all the money you have made! Enjoy!

Any questions, experiences or feedback are welcome...

Until next time, happy blogging...


Jeff said...

Have you had any success with ClickBooth? I take it they are in direct competition with Google AdSense so it is a one or the other type of system.

I am looking for an alternative to google AdSense.

Your opinion would be helpful. Thanks!

Infekted said...

Both ClickBooth and Google's Adsense are completely different type of ads.
Adsense is context sensitive whereas clickbooth is campaign oriented.

That is, Adsense ads will change according to the content of your site. ClickBooth ads are selected by you. In ClickBooth, you decide which ad campaign is best for you.

Adsense is very popular as it is easier to setup. ClickBooth also enjoys wide popularity because of their high-payouts.

Moreover, adsense is a pay-per-click system in which you paid for the number of clicks on the ad. In ClickBooth, there are different techniques like pay-per-lead, pay-per-sale and pay-per-click.

You decide which one is better for your site and stick with it. Or perhaps you can go in for both.

But be warned, Google's adsense might detect that you are using traffic exchange programs and might ban you making you lose whatever you made until then.

Good Luck.

ATUL DOGRA said...

sir can you tell m how long clickbooth takes to approve account and do you think that thy will approve my blog .

Deep said...

Can I use 2-3 Ad providers on a single page, like you have done here, actually I too want to use Google Adsense, Clickbooth and Kontera together, like you did....

Please help me in how and what to do this...

Thanks in advance for your prompt response

Clickbooth said...

It takes about 2-3 days for clickbooth to review and approve/disapprove an account. You can definitely use adsense and clickbooth ad at the same time. Just make sure your site still looks attractive and motivates people to click on your ads. It is important to keep the design and look of a site tastefull.
Thank you Infekted for recommending Clickbooth!

lisa said...

Im going to deff. sign up with clickbooth, sounds like a great company :D

peter said...

clickbooth is great. please post any false information. because using clickbooth is the best. they gave excellent communication and service

Earn w/ Clickbooth said...

thanks for sharing. bookmarked your page. :-)