Sunday, December 24, 2006

AGLOCO - Worth it?

You might have seen all the hype surrounding the new so-called FREE money site, AGLOCO. It is only fair that initially people reject such sites thinking that it is just another dud. But is there something more to AGLOCO than meets the eye? Before I go any further, I would like you to take a look at the following site:
VentrueBeat's AGLOCO Review

If you've already read that, I am sure that your interest has been aroused. Agloco makes money a lot of different ways. Among these the viewbar - the most integral part - is yet to be launched. It is still in beta. They have announced tentative launch dates 7 - 8 weeks ahead. So, AGLOCO is still in its infant stages. This means getting in now will provide more lucrative returns.

All they ask us to do now, is build up our network. That is, get as many referrals as you can. As it has just started, I'm finding it extremely easy to get referrals. And no doubt you can too. They're goal is to get 10,000,000 members by July '07 and at the rate it is expanding, they are all set to achieve the target a month ahead of schedule.

The time is ripe to get in and I would recommend that you do. All you have to do now is get some referrals and wait. Once it launches all the accumulated referrals will pay-back rich dividends. This is a program in which the early-bird is always a winner.

VERDICT : Get in now, after all, what do you have to lose - it's free!


Drengler said...

I have found that if you have a little extra time, creating a blog just for agloco is a good idea to increase your network, read more about agloco and how to grow your network here:

Inspector said...

Yup! I have already signed up and I'm just waiting for that view bar. I only have 5 referrals though... fraid it's not going to be a big item for me!

Agloco said...

I believe AGloco will be worth it.

Agloco said...

10,000,000 members by july is alot...but doable.

Sunny said...

I thought AGLOCO decided not to giveo out money, instead they'll give out stocks.

Anonymous said...

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