Sunday, April 22, 2007

ClixSense - Money making oppurtunity

If you are reading this, that means that you are an avid blogger looking to make some cash on the net. Well, true to my word, I have reviewed a site that claims to pay you money.

It is simple. All you have to do is register on the site and click on the ads that they provide you. Wait for 30 seconds and then close it. You get from $0.01 to $0.02 per click. Not bad actually considering that on an average day, you will probably make a gazillion clicks with your mouse. Now, you actually have a way to get paid for these usually unappreciated clicks.
The site I am talking about is ClixSense.

Moreover the revenue you can generate gets exponentially increased if you can get referrals. A general earnings chart is provided on the site and I will reproduce it here :Well, what are you waiting for. This is genuine money making oppurtunity.

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Christina Crowe said...

I've been a member of Clixsense for a while. They definitely do pay, and it doesn't take much of your time each day, either, to make a nice side income if you know how to maximize your income potential.

The major way to maximize your income potential is through referrals. However, if referrals aren't your thing, you don't always have to use that option. I discuss more in-depth information about the topic on my blog post 5 Ways to Maximize Your Clixsense Earning Potential that might help readers.