Thursday, November 16, 2006

Advancing this Blog...

I have just gone ahead and signed up for yet another blog exchange program at BlogAdvance. Although I have just signed up, initially it looks and I'm guessing works just like BlogSoldiers. I may be wrong. This is just the initial inference. This blog being in its infantile stage, needs as many visitors as it can get. Moreover, I realized that BlogAdvance has a whole lot of different reader base than the ones that are available at BlogMad, BlogExplosion or BlogSoldiers. For a nascent blog, I would recommend all of these...


BrettBum said...

BlogSoldiers is great but do becareful if you like Adsense.

With the exception of BlogExplosion(don't know why exactly) Google's Adsense team is not fond of blogs pulling in traffic from surf exchanges.

On occasion if they notice too much traffic from one of these sources they will send you a cease and desist or we'll scrap your adsense account email.

Now I like the services to much to stop using them. So I tend to promote my blogs through them in cycles, whereby I will strip the Adsense ads out of my template and then rotate them through the exchange for about a week or so.

Then I'll stop rotating them, put the Adsense code back in the template and let things ride for a week or so. Then repeat.

This is useful because you still get the benefit of promoting your blog without the risk of losing your adsense account (it doesn't do much for me on some sites, but on others I would not want to lose it).

Plus, it also gives you a sense of just how much traffic you can pull in without a surf exchange.

fyi Google doesn't like surf exchanges that offer an option that allows a users to by credits which can be exchanged for cycling into the exchange and generating impressions.

Google simplifies this process and just considers it to be purchasing impressions, which under their simplified perspective would be against the TOS.

bah hum bug!


Forewarned is forearmed!


Infekted said...

Whew! Thanks for the in-depth analysis, brettbum. I totally agree with you. Many of my friends have been denied their adsense account for the same reasons you mentioned.

The solutions you suggested are perfect. But will involve a lot of hardwork. Blog Exchanges are only required for the initial stages of a blog. But what constitutes the initial stages is debatable. Any more comments and ideas are welcome. Happy blogging...

Anonymous said...

Came to your blog via BlogAdvance and I actually have enjoyed the read.

You have given me a few ideas on how to increase my readership as I to am not long into blogging and looking for all the help I can get.

Infekted said...

Thanks, Mr. Anonymous. It is comments like these that make my day. Why don't you consider adding a link to my site and I'll do the same here. Just leave me a comment with your url and we're all set.