Friday, November 3, 2006

My Work Today

Today being the first day of the blog, it was a busy one. I joined a few directories and added widgets. Given below are the details...

  • Technorati Add to Technorati Favorites - I joined technorati. It is one of the biggest blog directories. Plus they have this really neat feature of showing the number of inbound links your blog has. Cool!
  • The Truth Laid Bear - This is a cool and famous site for information regarding your blog. They list the inbound links (from other listed blogs) and outbound links (to other listed blogs) and show you your traffic standings. It also classes you in the 'blogging ecosystem' based on your popularity. Check it out on the right sidebar.
  • Blogwise - This is a huge directory containing around 65,000 blogs and counting. You better not forget this one!
  • Blog Catalog - Another directory that is popular and has a large database. Easy to submit.
And the widgets...
  • Technorati Add to Technorati Favorites - Got myself one of the blog-search widgets from technorati. It has a link that directly takes me to the place where they show information about my inbound links.
  • Widgetbox - Amazing widget site. Lists hundreds of free widgets. I got myself a cool-looking 'space-time' clock. You can catch it on the side-bar.
  • Buttons - This is a small area of the blog where I can store all the buttons of other sites that I may put on this blog.
So that was that. All in all a very fruitfull day. If you get time, I'd like you to visit my other blog CAUTION: Words Ahead!