Sunday, November 5, 2006

Submit to Search Engines...

Now I think is the right time to start submitting to search engines... I've said it before and I'm saying it again... Search Engines will take like, forever to process a new site. So waiting until they come and find you is not an option. So it is better to let the search engines know that you have a new blog and would like for it to be indexed.

Excluding some of the biggies like google and yahoo! submitting to all the known search engines is not physically possible. So what do we do?

Well there are a number of free sites that will do the submission for you somewhat automatedly. I personally use Submit Express's Submit page. They submit to 25+ search engines including AOL, HoTBoT, etc. for free. But, be sure of including the best meta data you can, before you submit to search engines. To go to the free submission page click here and submit away. Slowly but surely, your rankings are bnound to increase.

Another page for free submission is Free Web Submission. I suggest you use a combination of these two submission services to get maximum exposure. But be careful. They have a lot of common submissions between them. Some search engines have a policy agianst multiple submissions fearing spam. So, I suggest first you try Submit Express and then Free Web Submission as in the case of the latter, you can select which sites to submit to. That gives you flexibility. Try it out. And Happy Blogging...