Friday, November 3, 2006

Exchanging Traffic

As I had mentioned earlier, it would take months for the search engines to give you a proper pagerank that would drive enough traffic to your site. There are many methods to get listed faster. I will be going into those details at a later date. But right now, what is it that you really need the most?

Now, and trust me on this, you really need to get people to see your blog. Let them know that it is there. But of course, as always we need to do this economically. That is, without spending a single penny. This is where traffic exchanges step in.

Traffic exchanges are sites through which you view other people's webpages and get traffic in return. They utilize a system of credits. For every site that you visit, you get a specified credit amount. This is then exchanged for traffic to your site. 1 credit = 1 view. There are quite a few such sites. There are even traffic exchange sites that are meant specifically for blogs. In this post, I am highlighting 3 such sites that I have found to be the most effective for my needs. They are given below:

- This is one of the biggest and oldest traffic exchange sites around. They have a 2 : 1 traffic exchange ratio. That is, for every 2 sites you visit, 1 random guy visits your blog! Highly recommended. They even have games and other tools that help you get more credits.

- This is another huge traffic exchange site. They have lots of tools and games and they keep you really entertained as you swap traffic with other bloggers. They also have a traffic ratio of 2 : 1.

- My personal favorite. This site has the cleanest interface. It looks way cool. It is brought to you by Kinetiq a Web 2.0 startup company. Be sure to check-out their other tools. And the icing on the cake? They have a traffic ratio of 1 : 1! Brilliant.

If you are a starting blogger, I recommend you to try all three of these.

A little disclaimer: The quality of the traffic you get from these sites are more often than not, just visitors in search of credit. So don't expect a huge jump in the number of your readers. But hey, something is always better than nothing!


Dave said...

Came across your blog using the "next blog" icon. I thought you might want to know that the Blog Mad exchange site you linked to worked very poorly when I tried it. Went to seven or eight blogs. Received no credit. Got no sign up credit as promised at the time of sign up. Oh well, only a half hour wasted. Best of luck in your studies.

Infekted said...

Well, you see, your site has to be approved by BlogMad in order for your credits to get redeemed. Most of the blog exchanges will check your site for the type of content and confirm if it is a blog. Only after getting their approval can you start redeeming your credits for traffic.

Jeff said...
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MyBlogCanBeatUpYourBlog(.com) said...

Using BlogMad and BlogSoldiers.

Both work pretty decently.

I was denied for BlogExplosion because they claimed my site looked jumbled through their viewer and gave me a link to 'see what they were talking about' and my site looked fine.

So I am pretty irritated with them.

I will probably try back again, if for nothing else but the 'rent my blog' exchange. Seems a novel Idea.

Infekted said...

I personally have a feeling that BlogExplosion is a site of very high quality. I think they have been around for quite a while now. Don't give up on it yet. And yeah, the 'rent my blog' idea seems great. Come by any time...