Saturday, November 18, 2006

What's The Deal With eXlinks?

I've been following this new exponential website growth site that has been prelaunched. It is from the creaters of BlogMad. I feel that is reason enough for me to join it. But they are extremely tight-lipped about it. Except for a few leaked screen shots, I don't think anyone knows anything about this site. All they are saying is that

eXlinks is the ultimate, exponential link-swapping, site exploding system, and is completely free.
It seems people are signing up fast. No one wants to risk not being involved in potentially what (just maybe) might be the next blog revolution. Atleast that is what they are leading us to believe. Plus they proclaim some gifts for those who sign-up now. This is what they are saying:
Signing up now will guarentee you a spot in the beta, updates through the newsletter, and a few extra benefits.
Whatever it is, I'd sign up simply because the leaked screenshots look amazing! Keeping fingers crossed...