Wednesday, November 15, 2006

A Short Note on BlogSoldiers

BlogSoldiers is a traffic exchange site. It is one of the most versatile I have come across. It even pays you money for browsing other blogs. Although, I am yet to test this feature, it appears to be present. Moreover you can do a lot of nifty things like set the amount of visitors that visit your site through BlogSoldiers. Besides, they have just upgraded their credit ratio from 1 : 2 to 3 : 4. That means, for every 4 blogs you browse, you get 3 visits.

Let me remind all you skeptics out there that traffic exchange sites are a good way for your site to get noticed initially. The early days of a blog are the most difficult. The same goes for the uninitiated blogger as well. I will start looking more seriously at directories which is also an important factor in marketing your new-born blog. Until then, happy blogging...