Saturday, November 18, 2006

The Growing Blog

Watching your blog grow could be one of the most exhilarating experiences online. Its like playing a strategy game like the Sims or Civilization IV. But some might call it as boring as watching paint dry. Blogging is not for them. When your sole aim is to make money using your blog, it takes great will-power during the starting weeks of your blog.

For me the time has arrived when I will have to muster all the courage and will-power I can get to continue blogging. It has been half-a-month since I started this blog. So far it has been fun. This is usually the time when a blogger stops blogging and takes up philosophy or something of the kind. He feels that all his hard-work isn't paying off. Almost 90% of starting bloggers stop blogging before they have unleashed the true-potential of their blog.

I should know. I have been there, done that. This post is a sort of morality-booster cum encouragement drive on my part to all the bloggers that are stuck on this phase of their blog and feel like quitting. HOLD ON! The time hasn't arrived yet. Maintaining a high-paying blog is no silly matter. It takes determination. And a lot of hard-work. When I feel low like I do now, I go through other people's successful blogs and read about their success stories. It lifts my spirits. In the two weeks that I have maintained this blog, I've seen it grow slowly and steadily and have received some encouraging pat-on-the-backs from well-meaning bloggers.

So if you identify with what I just talked about, I implore you to continue and not look back. Soon the toughest stages will be over. From there on, its a free and easy ride. The grass, I assure you, will be greener on the other side...