Thursday, November 2, 2006

The Beginning...

This is the first post on this blog and I am going to tell you what this blog is all about, why I felt I had to create it and how it will help you.

This blog is for all those first-time-bloggers or bloggers who-have-just-started-blogging recently. Oh, what the heck, even you expert bloggers might find something useful here. My aim is to guide you through the different phases of blogging that most of the more successful blogs (and bloggers) have gone through. And help you make money along the way.

I have found that many bloggers didn't (and don't yet) know that they can generate huge amounts of revenue from their blogs using simple methods and services. Throughout this blog, I'll take you through the steps that I will be going through to make some money for myself and record the whole thing in the form of posts. Moreover I will provide links to the services I will be using.

Everything you ever needed to earn some side-money was always with you. All you need to do is recognize the tools that the good people all over the world are providing you with and then add a dash of amazing patience to those tools and wait as your blog grows in front of you. Its one of the most beautiful things to watch since SimCity! Then you are off on your way to financial freedom...