Thursday, November 2, 2006

Directories... Can't Live without 'em!

Remember the 'Quality Inbound Links' that I mentioned in my previous post? Well, the best way to get a few of them is through Directories. You may be wondering what I mean by 'Quality'. The quality of a web-page in this context, is its search-engine ranking of that particular web-page. If a link emanates from a highly ranked page to your site, that augurs well with our buddies the spiders (bots). They think more highly of you as a web-site. If a lot of such 'Quality' links point to your site, rest-assured you will have a fairly high ranking. But be warned, links aren't the only criterion for the ranking.

The most coveted ranking is the Google PageRank. Click on to this site to see the current page-rank of your web-site. This ranking is used by Google to decide how far along the results page your site should appear. Of-course, the higher you are, the more search-related traffic you get. And we all know what that means! More Money! There are many other methods to increase your inbound-links. We'll see them in later posts.

On the sidebar, I will be continuously updating the links of directories that I submit this site to. You can use them to submit to the directories. But I suggest that you find some more of your own directories and submit away. Below are the list of some of the big and best directories...

  • ODP - The Open Directory Project, is undoubtedly one of the biggies. Tough to get into though. Used by Google!
  • Yahoo! Directory - The name says it all... And of course, used by Yahoo!
  • Blog Catalog - A directory meant specifically for blogs. Lots and lots of blogs.
Will be posting more...